KAIST Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV)-0

KAIST Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV)-0

Recent Progress on OLEV Technology and its DiffusionEdit

KAIST's eco-friendly OLEV is the world first technology that is wirelessly powered through a power grid embedded under the road. A pickup device installed under the vehicle works to collect the magnetic field from power cables laid under the road and converts it into electric energy for vehicle operation.


e-Mobility Laboratory

The power-supply infrastructure is built on about 20 percent of the entire service route including start and end points, bus stops, crossroads and parking areas. The segmentation is applied to recognize only OLEVs and supply them with electric power. The spread of electric vehicles is promoted by overcoming constraints on their commercialization, and a driving force for new industrial growth is created by occupying a technologically advantageous position.

OLEV Tech 1

The world’s first development of the shaped magnetic field in resonance (SMFIR) technology that allows vehicles to receive a large amount of energy wirelessly and safely while at stop or in motion.


KAIST demonstrated the possibility of commercializing electric vehicles by securing a separation distance for commercial service and ideal power transfer efficiency and capacity and by solving the problem of electromagnetic safety.

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